10 Dark Toy Story Theories That Will Ruin Your Childhood

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Pixar is known for making great family films, but some people have really examined the stories and content to find things that are much darker. It’s time to look back on your fond childhood memories of the Toy Story franchise and showcase some of the darker things you may have never realized.

Sid is often viewed as the villain of the first Toy Story film, but he may not have truly been evil. Sid obviously lives in a dysfunctional family and it’s neglect that has turned him the way he is. In the original Toy Story, if you take a look at Andy’s friends, they are not actually any different at all. They are all clones of the original Andy. Toy Story 3 has been connected to a lot of crazy things, including the Illuminati. Toy Story represented a huge change to the company at the time and the characters of Buzz and Woody both represent these crazy changes. Andy’s father is never mentioned or seen in the Toy Story films, but there have been multiple mentions that he has died and is not in the picture. Andy and his sister, Molly are obsessed with people who are obsessed with material things. The films showcase a lot of marxism because of this. The toys are obviously dedicated to Andy, but there are rumors that the toys are actually immortal and only die if they are crushed or burned. Jesse’s true owner may have been a character you knew the whole time. Toy Story has also been connected to many different things including the holocaust and the Walking Dead.

Script by: Alan Donahue

Voice Over by: Ryan George

Edited by: Martin Baena

Sid’s Abusive Home | 0:37
Attack of the Clones | 1:37
Toy Story 3 & The Illuminati | 2:42
Disney’s Changing of the Times | 3:41
The Origins of Andy’s Father | 4:45
Andy is a Marxist | 5:46
The Toys Are Immortal | 6:49
Jessie’s Previous Owner | 7:44
Toy Story & The Walking Dead | 8:40
Toy Story 3 & The Holocaust | 9:40

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