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Do you babies want to hear the tale of the Haunted Tree? Gather around, little ones. Many many years ago, a tree was planted in the land of haunted houses. But since it was taken care of by ghosts and goblins and monsters, it grew into a large Halloween tree, with scary branches extending its long arms for ghosts to perch on. In the hollow of the trunk reside monsters and zombies. Hovering above the Halloween tree are scary witches looking for new preys to cast their magical spells on! The end! You’ll aren’t happy with the way it ended? Well, you toddlers can jump into the land of ghosts can change it if you’d like, but we wont accompany you. Scary songs scare the daylight of us, and we can’t dare to sit through an entire collection of them. But he hope you have fun!

00:01 – Halloween Tree
02:25 – Scary Wood
04:04 – its Halloween
06:04 –Trick Or Treat
08:14 – Monster Island
10:38 – Incy Wincy Spider
12:11 – Humpty Dumpty
13:53 – Ten In The Bed
16:00 – Three Little Kittens
18:27 – Jack And Jill
19:19 – Wheels On The Bus
21:06 – Old Macdonald
23:59 – Five Big Werewolf
25:54 – Row Row Row
27:20 – Johny Johny

Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™
Video: Copyright USP Studios™

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